Friday, March 2, 2007

woodhead days

one year ago kenton and i had a very awkard bedtime conversation, basically "what the fuck are getting into?" i don't remember much of what either of us said, but neither of us wanted to wind up losing a friend. i've known kenton for almost five years now and i've loved every bit of it. he's my best friend and i'm thankful i simply met him. i'm happy we became friends, then roommates, then it all came to a head that Fateful Night. i wouldn't change a thing.
now we live together with our babies and we wake up every morning in our pretty blue room and sometimes there is coffee. i couldn't imagine having more fun with anyone while watching morning tv on mute, or sometimes not. or playing "first date" at olive garden. or being served shots of cough medicine when i get sick. or playing friday afternoon hookey. or drinking little penguin in the park. or taking mini vacations. or really anything.
cheers kbg!

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