Friday, June 20, 2008

have i mentioned the beardathon?

this man is in a beard-off. he will be growing that mess out till november. beards4obama. no shaving till obama is president. plus, there's a $500 bet that his will be bigger than this guy's. pfft. whatever. sucker.



early birthday?

i really want this purse. we used to have it in orange at work and then we flew out of it before i could even think about spending way too much money on it, thankfully. now i saw this one AND i saw the 20% decor8 discount. all of this adds up to trouble. i keep looking at it then closing the tab, then reopening it. NO, STOP LOOKING. at least if it was august i could be like, hey you! it's your birthday month! but nope, it's just "hey, it's june! nothing ever happens in june" shopping. i'll pass for now, but it makes me sad inside.
the flowers remind me of mario.

get. shit. done.

even though we've been living here for two years, we're finally getting some serious shit done. i'm definitely going to earn my making a house a home merit badge.
this weekend: organize the fucking shoes, clean the closet, and get some kitchen paint going! it will definitely be "direct green". and we have to do all sorts of other house stuff too because monday morning electricians are coming out to tear shit up. they'll be going into the attic through our closet, cutting off the power for about 12 hours, adding new and amazing outlets, adding a LIGHT to the CLOSET (what a novel idea, right?!), adding an additional light to the bathroom (the cave, as i like to call it), adding another lightswitch to the bathroom so we're no longer at risk of shocking ourselves when getting out of the shower (who knew!), and breaking the light fixture in the bathroom so we can get a new and better looking one. WOO!
and oh yeah, saturday night is all about getting strong drinks at the museum.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


i'm considering getting these anthropologie reading glasses turned into prescription glasses.

i want to replace our nasty futon with this bit of target loveliness.

i want to paint the living room and the kitchen.

and oh yeah, i'm spelling "fuck" in these super girly letters.

Friday, June 13, 2008

fun times?

this could either become the best thing we've done, or the worst thing we've done. either way, i want to find out!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


forget poor relationship choices, my greatest regret in my life so far has been buying these rachel comey shoes and then returning them. i miss them. i've tried tracking them down, countless times, only to be painfully disappointed. they definitely fall into my "so ugly i love them" category. i think what happened was i listened to all the people that told me they were hideous. i now know they're amazing and everyone around me is tasteless and wrong. i never should've let them get away...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

sore subject

if you really want to get under my skin, just start this conversation with me...

Buttercream Icing

I asked about their buttercream icing.

Crave's co-owner said that buttercream is the base for most of their icings. It's just whipped butter mixed with powdered sugar. Flavorings like chocolate might be added to the mixture, but icing flavors will always start with their standard buttercream.


They get it.

Some commercial bakers make their buttercream icing with shortening.
Buttercream icing made with solid vegetable shortening, is, well, not buttercream.