Friday, July 27, 2007

to do

Fri., August 31 - Arthur Yoria @ Rudyard's
Fri., September 21 - Bloc Party/Deerhoof/J versus K @ Warehouse Live
Sat., September 22 - The Sea & Cake @ Warehouse Live
Tues., September 25 - Interpol/Liars @ Verizon Wireless Theater
Tues., September 25 - Pinback @ Numbers
Fri., October 5 - Rilo Kiley @ Warehouse Live
Thurs., November 1 - Spoon/The New Pornographers/Emma Pollock @ Warehouse Live
Fri., November 2 - Of Montreal/Grand Buffet/MGMT @ Numbers

i hereby live for november.

my personal quest

once a very very long time ago i bought a bunch of stuff at the walgreens around the corner from my house, including this awesome new product called brush-ups. i was so excited, it was actually thanksgiving and i was psyched to use them after some deep-fried turkey and mashed potatoes. this was when i was living with kenton as roommates at dunlavy and my parents were coming over from san antonio to cook and his dad was coming in from spring and it was going to be a good ol' family fun holiday. so i had this bag full of drugstore goodies and somehow in the chaos that was "let's all clean up before they get here" my idiot ex-boyfriend threw out this bag with about $50+ worth of walgreens fun in it, including my brush-ups! ever since then i've looked long and hard at drugstores for these but i guess houston isn't down with the on-the-go oral care. i know they are easy to find online, but it only strikes me to buy them when kenton and i are playing with all the clearance lubes, perfumes, and deodorant right next to the gay pride greeting cards.

well i'm happy someone out there is enjoying them. keep them away from loser boys though.

one day brush-ups, one day...

Monday, July 23, 2007

quarter life crisis

i love anthony bourdain.
What is a “chef”? A chef is a cook who leads. A chef is someone who knows how to cook and who can also run a kitchen. Leadership skills are required. Management skills. The ability to execute a vision with consistency. Doing these things means that you are constantly making decisions large and small.

i understand this, why can't other people?
i just might be having my quarter life crisis. i love pastry but i don't want to fight with idiots for everything i have and do. i don't want to be copying recipes from magazines. i don't want to always be trying to make someone happy who will never be 100%.*
i want to do things small-scale, and my way.
i love italian buttercream and citrus curd with no thickeners and that's that.

i understand "that's business" but maybe i don't like business so much anymore.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

dreams of a better life

last night i found my calling, and it wasn't gay line dancing.

it is being a door guy! yes i think i finally discovered what I've been missing all my life. Computers are rad, it is true, but asking for id is rader.

no really, i think i'd have the best night of my life, if I had cancer and the make a wish foundation came to me i'd be like 'door guy for a night!' and then i'd cough meekly

Friday, July 20, 2007

some fun things to do the week before suddenly quitting your job

have a lavish drink filled $100+ brunch
big borders book spree
put half of your check towards paying off debt
get a $70 haircut

just general irresponsible spending, really. it's really fun, i highly recommend it. go team "i don't actually have a solid job yet!"

no regrets.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thursday, July 5, 2007

the table is round

a million and one things have happened in two weeks.
basically everything at work has been flipped upside down and turned around all crazy. it's like musical chairs, actually. people have no idea how scandalous and juicy the food industry can be. oh what would rachel kramer bussel say about this?
plus, in the midst of all the insanity at work i went through some terrible deep dark i'll never be happy or love again depression that was not so fun. every morning i'd wake up thinking my life was pointless and everything i was about to do at work would be completely futile, but still manage to be the first one there anywhere between 6 and 7:30. and i am not a morning person. the bed became the pit of despair.
but back to work! it is a wild and crazy place to be these days, and i'm not really happy there anymore. my friend/chef/mentor is gone and has been replaced with a mute fucktard. i spend a lot of time talking shit with my one friend there and whistling along to songs or singing along to modest mouse. when i get pissed off at the mute i listen to css really loud and rock out while playing catch up. but usually we listen to internet radio and one day that too will be gone.
im pretty miserable with all the changes that have been made, but i don't regret being there. if i hadn't taken this job i would've stayed at the hotel forever and nothing good could come from that. i think of the people still there and how they're perfectly content waiting the days out till they get knocked up, going day by day, never showing any initiative, just letting everything pass them by. it's depressing to think the majority of my time would be spent in that gray tiled flourescent lit hellhole. i grew tired of all the corporate bullshit. i didn't want to sit through another meeting about how we had to get all our diamonds. no more big team member rallies.
basically, i'm ready for my next big thing. i may have only been at this place for six months, but i learned a lot more than i did in my 3+ years at the hotel.
i hate the "that's business" mentality and the absolute fakeness of some people.

we're going to colorado for a few days and hopefully that will help somehow. i'm very curious how things will go while i'm gone. oh the excitement...