Tuesday, March 18, 2008

brunch ideas

"donut muffins," otherwise known as snickerdoodle cupcakes in this house
jello oranges
salmon, dill, cream cheese quiche (too bad i can't link to that ripped out recipe living in my purse)
lemon tarts (lemon curd with no cornstarch!)
lox and bagels (all kenton asked for)
mimosas (of course)

most of it seems pretty easy to prepare ahead of time, i just have to decide what to make now. and stop getting distracted by new options of course...

team whitney needs this

diy magazine box!

Monday, March 17, 2008

in here, it's always friday

"We called it the Friday Night Special," Pedersen said. The "intense" escapades, he said, usually began with a "couple of drinks" at a local T.G.I. Friday's and culminated in "a hard-core consensual sex orgy" between the three of them at McGreevey's Woodbridge condo.

i love to start my wild sex nights with an ultimate mango berry daiquiri, don't you? the TGI friday's drink menu reads like a really excited teenager that's getting wasted for the first time, over and over again: ULTIMATE mango mai tai, ULTIMATE mango berry margarita, ULTIMATE electric lemonade, ULTIMATE hawaiian volcano, ULTIMATE yellow tail sangria, and oh yeah, appletinis too. but for some reason they are not the ULTIMATE appletini. maybe those are only at chili's.

Friday, March 7, 2008


Right now the whole word is flipped upside down and insane.

I no longer drive a Hyundai but a Honda, thats right after 6 years of loyal service (except that time when you flaked out as we were leaving austin, asshole), the Hyundai has been retired, well not so much retired as sold to a random dude on craigslist.

I had just watched the curb where Larry becomes a car salesman for a day, so it was almost inspiring to find myself in that situation the following day.

Oh the sales pitches, new clutch, fresh tires, peppy ride, more fun than an automatic, iPod adapter and the car is equipped with the latest in audiophile technophonics, including the commercial free high definition HD radio*

*HD radio is neither high definition nor commercial free, please contact your local HD authority for more details

Also, after talking with the Aleeshster, before the big day, we decided that you can't just say you are getting rid of this car because you want a better one, you need a wholesome, aww, story to really push this thing into cold hard cash.

So what else? "Got a baby coming, gotta have a 4 door for the car seat". Oh yeah, and boy did he buy into that. He is a family man himself, got three kids. Exchanged awesome comments like "I hope it gets easier than the first one", "It sure is expensive", "Oh we don't want to know what it is", and my favorite moment "So when is she due?", "Ohh geez, um, I always have a hard time.. September!"

All in all it was super successful, I bought a Honda Fit later that day (after I had sold my car), that could be a whole other post on its own, but I really should be doing something more productive than this, and I wanted to note that Alicia (that other poster person, you might not remember her), had her wisdom teeth pulled out this morning and kept them! They look absolutely awesome, deep root motherfuckers, that is why she is such a fighter. Post the pictures!