Monday, March 19, 2007


i never really much cared for the season before, but i'm really getting into it this year. i work in a nice open space with doors that open and it's so nice when the wind blows all the papers on the clipboards around.
it's awesome watching showers come up too. i love it when the sky turns all green and before you know it westheimer's flooding. but it's houston, so just give it an hour or so and the streets will be perfectly visible again. the best part about our spring showers lately is that they have a cooling effect instead of those dreadful i want to sweat my eyeballs off summer showers. very refreshing!
and sunday was a perfect spring day, complete with a perfect waffle picnic.
so houston, keep up the spring as long as possible. i'd like to delay the summer death as much as possible. thank you.

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