Sunday, September 7, 2008

last night

...was pretty perfect.
summer is doing that houston tease where it feels like it's actually winding down at dusk, there's warm air but a cool breeze that feels all too perfect for bike riding.
later in the evening we were going to check out a new bar, singing along with the really high, fast, fun parts of the new of montreal and kissing at the red lights. when we got to the bar it looked all wrong (valet??) so we kept driving, still singing and trying to decide where to go.
on a whim we drove down west gray to check out the midnight movie which turned out to be 'a clockwork orange.' as soon as kenton found out i'd never seen it, he found a parking space. we drank a few beers in the lounge and people watched from the elevated section, wishing there were more bald heads to look at.
at 2:30 am when the movie was out, that oddly refreshing warm breezy air was still there and it was back to of montreal in the car.
a short one-song drive later we got in the house and i was so happy to be with my absolute best friend who happens to be a very good kisser.

i've always said autumn makes me fall in love, but this little prelude to the fall is making me pretty happy (at least after dusk)

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Courtney said...

I love nights like that in Houston! And, yes, Fall totally makes me feel all warm, cozy, and full of love.

Hope you're staying safe for the storm!