Sunday, September 14, 2008

here i am...

we spent hurricane night at poison girl with friends and drove home at about 3 or 3:30 am (eye, what eye?) with some friends who had ridden their bikes (and you thought we were dumb/crazy) earlier in the night. after about 30 seconds in the car, i started to regret ever leaving the bar. the streets were pitch black, branches were flying everywhere, and there might have been one glass too much whiskey in a certain boyfriend. a short drive later we were home safe with our hurricane guest (and gusts), staying up almost all night just watching from the front porch. the winds and rain were mezmerizing, it was definitely an exciting eventful night. we're lucky we didn't suffer any damage, just scared kitties peeing on the stairs and two pairs of leather boots. tomorrow i go back to work downtown and we still tentatively leave town friday for san francisco. power's going to be out at home for a while, but the lucky boyfriend has a functioning office.

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