Wednesday, October 31, 2007

that's right we came to party

Well we hit a new high Monday, we became party crashers.

Well not so much crashers as uninvited guests. As we watched Halloween on the porch at Brasil's and imbibed (I totally learned that word from a vocab book in 7th grade) a bottle of wine, I couldn't help but notice the excellent music and general commotion going on next door. As the movie finished and the bottle shrank it became apparent to me that we had to see what was going on. I mean c'mon this is Houston, not some interesting city where people are noisy on a Monday.

So since we aren't you know, assholes, we went to the corner store first. Alicia spotted a six pack of Shiner Kolsh and then we were there.
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ (thanks b3lla)
After about 10 minutes of awkward standing we actually ended up talking to a few people, met the birthdayee and got to request/enjoy some good tunes (all vinyl, mm).

Long story short crashing parties is fun, safe and educational.

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