Wednesday, October 10, 2007

fucking creeeeepy

sometimes people ask me if i regret leaving my job. i always say the say same thing: absofuckinglutely not. the only thing i regret is not telling the loser calling himself a pastry chef that he is a fucking weirdo pervert. i know we've focused on the pervert part, but today let's focus on the weirdo. today i stumbled across the weirdo's blog. wow. it's nothing but "fuck you, i fucking love you, oh why the fuck do i love you? fuck you" posts. oh, and also "why don't we fuck?" umm, crazy! but why read my interpretation when i can just copy...

we hug. we kiss. we hold hands. we hang out late. we do everything a couple would do but fuck.

im very sexually frustrated. you lead me on. i think we can, i think we should, i really want to. but when i try, you turn me down. you turn me on. you lead me on. you even asked me if i wanted to do it.
isn't that why he has flickr though?
i am suffering from depression, anxiety and codependence.
you are a sad, sad excuse for a man.
if i were him, you would be fucking me already.
if i were him, you would be happy already.
if i were him. you would be loving me already.
if i were him. you would be fucking me already.

but im not him.
i'm better than him.

so why the fuck dont you want me?
wow, that's fucking poetry right there!
i wish you still liked me like that.

i do so much for you.
i love you so much.
im the sweetest boy you will ever meet.
i wish you still liked me like that.

ill be gone and you will regret this.
you have me. you'll have me for a long time.
but one day, ill leave.

youll be left alone like puff the magic dragon.
its sad.

i love you.

seriously? the sweetest boy? maybe she wants to date someone not so much like a 13 year old girl. these posts really feel like they came from a little diary covered in purple unicorns with a gold lock on the cover.
and pink pages.
i dont want to see you anymore.
i dont want to talk to you anymore.
i wish i could stop thinking about you.
i wish i could stop loving you.
i wish i could hate you.

oh jesus, just go put on some fucking eyeliner already and start a fucking emo acoustic band and write the worst song anyone's ever heard. you are exhausting.

i hope she gets a restraining order!

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