Saturday, October 13, 2007

life just got a little funnier

anyway. so i've been thinking about that aweful moving, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. ive been thinking about the company in the movie that erases a loved one from your live.

i really want that.

i cry everyday. i think about you every minute. my heart races everytime i check my email (hoping you write me), when i look out the bakery (hoping you visit), when i look at my phone (hoping you txt or call me). its really hard and i cannot handle it.

i wish a company like that really existed. i need to erase you from my mind. i need to erase any memories of you. i need to distant myself from anything that will remind me of you. i need you out of my heart. i need you out of my life in order to live a happy and healthy life.

i hope you understand. im sorry.

but, unfortunately, a company like that does not exist. nothing even remotely to it exists. so my next best choice is to get in an accident. get into a coma. wake up and not remember anything. not remember you.

why did you have to hurt me so much?
why couldn't you love me?

i love you so much

i don't care about my pay cut.
this shit is priceless.

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