Monday, July 23, 2007

quarter life crisis

i love anthony bourdain.
What is a “chef”? A chef is a cook who leads. A chef is someone who knows how to cook and who can also run a kitchen. Leadership skills are required. Management skills. The ability to execute a vision with consistency. Doing these things means that you are constantly making decisions large and small.

i understand this, why can't other people?
i just might be having my quarter life crisis. i love pastry but i don't want to fight with idiots for everything i have and do. i don't want to be copying recipes from magazines. i don't want to always be trying to make someone happy who will never be 100%.*
i want to do things small-scale, and my way.
i love italian buttercream and citrus curd with no thickeners and that's that.

i understand "that's business" but maybe i don't like business so much anymore.

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