Friday, July 27, 2007

my personal quest

once a very very long time ago i bought a bunch of stuff at the walgreens around the corner from my house, including this awesome new product called brush-ups. i was so excited, it was actually thanksgiving and i was psyched to use them after some deep-fried turkey and mashed potatoes. this was when i was living with kenton as roommates at dunlavy and my parents were coming over from san antonio to cook and his dad was coming in from spring and it was going to be a good ol' family fun holiday. so i had this bag full of drugstore goodies and somehow in the chaos that was "let's all clean up before they get here" my idiot ex-boyfriend threw out this bag with about $50+ worth of walgreens fun in it, including my brush-ups! ever since then i've looked long and hard at drugstores for these but i guess houston isn't down with the on-the-go oral care. i know they are easy to find online, but it only strikes me to buy them when kenton and i are playing with all the clearance lubes, perfumes, and deodorant right next to the gay pride greeting cards.

well i'm happy someone out there is enjoying them. keep them away from loser boys though.

one day brush-ups, one day...

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