Tuesday, April 24, 2007

i'm ready to go back to work

something is definitely wrong.
we have new cable, uverse. it's incredibly daunting. there are so many new channels, and so much more space on the dvr, and it can record 4 programs at once. wacky. so what did i find myself watching today?
10:30ish the view
i'm pretty embarrassed, as i am every time i watch the view, which happens to be every weekday i have off. don't judge me.
then i got a little crazy and decided to listen to music while i rearranged the bookshelf. i organized all the books by the color of their spine. it's surprising how many reds we have.
then back to the tv!
2ish: last night's daily show, respectable
3ish: flipping back and forth between tyra and what i like about you.
incredibly embarrassing.
4: oprah naptime party! i almost always wind up napping on my days off when oprah comes on. lately oprah has been very quiet and the commercials very loud. this has proved to be an inconvenience and i hope the volumes can level out so i can take a nice uninterrupted nap. thank you in advance harpo.
5ish: flowers in the attic. seriously, WHAT THE FUCK? i really don't know who i am anymore. i really got sucked in to this terrible b movie from my childhood. but i only watched the last 45 minutes of it! but when it was over i could see where one certain sister of mine started to lose it. dear sis: our mother would never lock us in the attic so that she could inherit money and remarry and poison us all with arsenic. we are not victims, and you are crazy.
now: the tv is on the fine living channel, but i have no idea what's on. it's good background noise.

i can't wait for kenton to get home and we can watch the riches. save me eddie izzard.

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