Saturday, April 14, 2007

for the love of kittens

I'm a blogger. Bloggers need regular posts or else they aren't really bloggers but more like... floggers. No, even better psueoggers.

Well kids it's like my mother always said "It's all birthdays and F00".

F00 of course being KITTEN PORN.

Yes an alarming number of pre-teen adolescents are into a whole new sort of bestiality:

Now before you go off stroking your outtie/innie please stop. This is a very important issue that requires full attention. I know where your mind went in and will chart it out with this bulleted list:

  • Awww
  • Oh I wonder if he/she (depending on how you swing) is all alone?
  • He/She looks so innocent
  • I can only imagine how good our hot hot sex would be

And that is all the bullets I am giving you because you are a sick and perverted reader.

And now

Imagine the threesome!

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