Monday, July 7, 2008

sorry, can't talk- too busy dying

guess who woke up at 5 am this morning for BOOT CAMP! fuck yes. it was pretty dark and remarkably humid out this morning. we were trying to find where the group meets and for a while it felt like when my mom dressed my sisters up for their first day of school, had a happy wholesome breakfast, and took lots of cutsey smiley photos with backpacks and pigtails only to drive up to an empty parking lot and learn they were a day early. we eventually found the group, but they were in the middle of a warm-up run we'd just missed (darn). luckily, there was MORE running later on, during which kenton almost threw up. somehow he managed to keep it down. i started to feel sick during running too then i decided "fuck this, i'm walking." day one is done and i'm looking forward to the next four weeks, i really love whining about how my body's falling apart all day (i bet everyone i work with enjoys it too).
5 am forever, woooooo!


lint said...

If only there was post bootcamp happy hour

lint said...
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