Sunday, August 26, 2007

this that and the other

  • it's so embarrassing but i cannot stop watching the fashionista diaries. it is seriously terrible and cheesy, but oh so wonderful for just those reasons. i wish i could talk trash about nicole with someone. seriously, when nicole quit, those leopard print leggings? i loved the socialite that was a total dickwad to bridget and called her "monkey." but enough.
  • i've applied for some more jobs, there is one i really want. it would be fun and a departure from my norm, and i think that freaks my mom out. i have a feeling that no matter what job i take she'll be disappointed. kenton and i are trying to figure out a "bigger plan" and for now that means taking a temporary job, and i'd like this one in particular because it seems fun and the best in the bunch. mystery!
  • the "bigger plan" terrifies me.
  • a cat is sneezing in the bedroom, it's pretty much the most adorable noise i've ever heard and she did it four times. kitty allergies!
  • my birthday is tuesday and this is my big wish: house, please clean yourself. thanks magic!
  • ever since i got back from san antonio i've been pretty bummed out at home all day. i want a job. i miss target shopping and buying dinner and having something to do. plus, having money to pay some bills. that little ol thing... birthday magic, get on that too. i really hope temporary dream job works out. i need to find something to wear.

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