Monday, August 13, 2007

fuck you at&t

have I ever mentioned i hate monopolies? because they lead to bullshit like me waiting 13 hours for a fucking tech to come out and repair the offices screwed up internet.

helllooo an internet company without reliable internet is not functioning. the worst part is we don't even have att we have time warner but because att owns every single fucking wire in the us we have to work with att.

but enough about that, it is time to kill some time and bust out some blog entries!


Some people call me the cat whisperer. Those people are correct, I am in fact incredibly amazing.

As you might have read on the open letter alicia posted, e11anoire used to be petrified by the massive orbital litter behemoth. Thanks to my excellent fatherhood skills I have removed these fears.

Here is a ordered numeric list of things I did to make this happen

  1. Moved the cat food bowls next to the litter box to remove the fear of being close to the litter robot

  2. Moved the bucket e11anoire was peeing in next to the litter box

  3. Had multiple petting sessions next to the litter box

  4. Many deep and emotional talks discussing the need for proper waste disposal

  5. Made telepathic communication with said cat and removed inner demons from her soul


I watched Fidel Castro the PBS special.

It was awesome.

Ask alicia all about it, oh wait, no scratch that, ask her about the 10 minutes she was awake for, I'm sure she will have exciting commentary


alicia made excellent ice cream today. chocolate and mint, I know you blog readers are like, "yo homey I can get that from blue bell and shit", and I respond "you don't know shit until you had mint that actually tastes like a plant instead of a menthol cigarette"

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alicia lynette said...

doral menthol ice cream is the future