Wednesday, May 9, 2007

some post-spiderman-3 thoughts

i gave kenton 6 oz of vodka
he had maybe 5.5 or 5.75 oz during the movie
plus a funsize bottle of wine
spidey went all emo when the venom symbiote was in him
he really did, eyeliner and in his face hair and all
i think avril lavigne wants to marry him now
or jared leto
we went to max's wine dive after
the executive chef was hanging out with some art institute whores at the bar
our server was a dirty whore that took forever to take our order
kenton's talking to his baby sister on the phone
she is about to graduate high school
i once told him "you just know the whole lacrosse team is going to rape your sister"
i wonder how southwest's lacrosse team is
at least duke had a good lacrosse team
like, the best

i guess i'll go to bed now. spiderman-3 was decent, but not my favorite. blindface howard was very annoying, but foreskin wasn't.

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