Monday, May 21, 2007

my music is where i'd like you to touch

i once sent kenton a text message that said "how can i be with someone with such terrible, if any, musical taste?" he replied "because you like to feel superior." well maybe that was true, but one of the things i adore about being with kenton is our music. we can swap ipods and hardly notice and he's introduced me to so much music i'd hate to have missed out on. when i hear some songs or even just bands, i can't help but feel old emotions come back. it's always a good thing, it makes me happy and thankful for everything we've been through together. when of montreal comes on i feel like i'm beaming and i look at kenton and wonder if he has all the same associations and memories. so here is my list of bands and all associations i have. there are countless others, but these are some very strong ones from the beginning of our relationship.

  • the faint: the first night we met craig, hash, katamari, drinking too much, working while everyone was sleeping, sending you email after email about my many late-night tribulations, the smell of breakfast, frustration with the overnight cleaners that would invade my space, water up to my calves, i need goulashes to go to work, wanting to see you again
  • franz ferdinand: the tipping point, rocking it coast to coast, drunk calls, drunk texts, "i miss you", cold and rainy pineapple snacking, ending and starting
  • voxtrot: still crazy days and nights, figuring it out, hating 4am alone, leaving the hotel right after the sun came up, crashing, first fight, crazy crazy confusion, chemically bonding, start of something
  • nada surf (let go): no more secrets, just listening and waiting, finally thinking twice even though it was too late, walking out, passing out, living out of a big rubbermaid trunk, reading together
  • of montreal: staying up late, waking up in the middle of the night to kisses, smiling and glowing, fading in and out of drowsiness in the morning while you shower, seeing your smile as you bounced off to work and i got my own morning started or just went back to bed smiling and thinking about you
  • nada surf (the weight is a gift): driving to dallas, rowdy skip-bo at the anatole, falling in love hesitantly, missing the new pornographers, just being happy, aw fuck it i'm gonna have a party
  • belle and sebastian: "honey loving you is the greatest thing/ i get to be myself and i get to sing", sold on "electronic renaissance" and "your cover's blown", knowing i loved you
  • tapes n tapes: you getting your morning party started, the beginning of things being all right again, getting mylacat, going to dallas but not, getting sick, feeling so bad for you passed out with myla by your side, watching you sleep for almost 24 hours straight
  • sound team: craig parties, moving in together like it was nothing, dropping the bookshelf on elmen, the very first thing we played in this apartment while we all moved stuff in the middle of the summer
  • tilly & the wall: girl music month turned week, regretting not going to walter's, your ever so stupid "prove a point" trait that you would not be complete without, one of the best shows i've ever been to, being so happy i was with you, glowy happy intoxicating love

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lint said...

you are quite simply amazing and you nailed the list