Monday, May 19, 2008


just finished the gossip girl season finale. i am ultra disappointed. it blew chunks all over my high expectations. just two weeks ago it was the greatest show on earth, what happened? they switched up all the couples the way they "should" be and the great harriet the spy mystery was over in the first five minutes. where's the scandal people??
in other news, i watched five or six episodes of sex and the city today, i shit you not. i'm not exactly proud of this, but i had the day off and they just put satc back on hbo on demand. i only have till 6/29 to watch all twenty episodes!
i think the only thing to make up for the great gossip girl let-down of 2008 is the amazingness that is the sex and the city movie.
yeah, i just officially got my vagina badge. so what.

ps-i fucking hate vanessa.

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