Monday, March 17, 2008

in here, it's always friday

"We called it the Friday Night Special," Pedersen said. The "intense" escapades, he said, usually began with a "couple of drinks" at a local T.G.I. Friday's and culminated in "a hard-core consensual sex orgy" between the three of them at McGreevey's Woodbridge condo.

i love to start my wild sex nights with an ultimate mango berry daiquiri, don't you? the TGI friday's drink menu reads like a really excited teenager that's getting wasted for the first time, over and over again: ULTIMATE mango mai tai, ULTIMATE mango berry margarita, ULTIMATE electric lemonade, ULTIMATE hawaiian volcano, ULTIMATE yellow tail sangria, and oh yeah, appletinis too. but for some reason they are not the ULTIMATE appletini. maybe those are only at chili's.


lint said...

remember that time I went to that hawaiian volcano? that was teh ultimate

alicia lynette said...

i can't believe my hawaiian volcano just barfed that much!