Monday, November 19, 2007

seattle! seattle! seattle!

does it work like beetlejuice? because i really want to be back. i was walking to the bus last tuesday, the day after we got back, and i was filled with a heavy feeling of not quite unhappiness, but just not belonging, not wanting to be here anymore. it was hot and humid out, i wanted my coat and scarf back. i wanted pedestrian's right of way. i wanted free drinks.
seattle was pretty great, needless to say. the public transportation was awesome, much better than when we were in the rental car. a ten minute trip to fremont took over an hour because we were having so much fun going up all the hills. i never really realized just how flat houston is till we were as high as we could go. or maybe it hit me at the end of every night when we were walking uphill back to the hotel. regardless, it was awesome. there were people out, walking, being awesome. no cars needed, they're just occassionally helpful.
and now, here i am, days before thanksgiving, wearing shorts. what the hell houston? are you trying to break up with me?

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