Thursday, June 14, 2007

fake weddingversary party oh7!!!

so kenton over here thinks he's hot shit because he had san antonio highlights and i didn't.
but now i'm back.

SAN ANTONIO REVIEW 3 days later...

  • i got to see kenton in a tie!*
  • i disappointed my sister by forgetting my pearls for the big pearl photo shoot and my dearest mother let me borrow hers**
  • my family and i had the Best Family Photo Session Ever
  • i got to see a lot of the Cutest Nephew Ever
  • kenton and i drove around till almost 1 am on a saturday night looking for something to do
  • and yes, there was the 3 am hotel party with my family***
  • i needle felted a fishy on the way over
  • my mom, sister, kenton, and i made an heb**** run before the reception to buy wine, only to be turned away by officers guarding the reception hall for bringing booze in
  • kenton got to meet lots and lots of my family! welcome to the craziness, love

*aww, realtionship firsts are so cute!
**my grandmother has given each of her granddaughters a string of pearls as a high school graduation gift. just this past may, the youngest graduated. this photo was a Big Deal.
anita: "how could you forget?? alicia, grandma had ALL the pearls in a safe deposit box in case she couldn't give them to us herself."
mom: "anita, do you really think that phases your sister?"
***brought to you by late-night tv, tequila, coconut rum, vending machine soda, nintendo ds, cell phone tetris, laptops, and valero snacks
****the men in san antonio have this most unappealing trait of leering at women. one of my favorite pasttimes while there is to return the rude stares of say something terribly unladylike to them. i gave some loser at heb a "fuck you and fuck off" look. my favorite san antonio sport!

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